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About Us

Reikälevy is a family business started in 1968. The functions of the company divide into three separate profit centres. We manufacture perforated plates and different applications of perforated plates for various industrial needs. We design and manufacture machines with SAMI-trademark for the needs of farms in the 21st century. Our contract manufacturing as the system vendor for the technology industry has had a significant role among our customers operating in the international market.

The industrial needs and demands have significantly grown and keep growing also in the future. Reikälevy Oy has adapted well to this development, and we are doing good job for the customer’s best interest. The production technology of Reikälevy is unique. We have the benefit of using the field’s latest technology. Highly advanced operating system, modern production lines, and an efficient supplier network guarantee excellent competitiveness.

We appreciate quality and prompt deliveries. Modern performance guidance together with professional personnel is the foundation of our practices and provides us the effectiveness that allows us to answer to more demanding challenges.