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Customer orientation:
- We are genuinely interested in our customers, and are personally aware of their needs.
- We are always available to our customers.
- We have a flat organization, in which the decision makers stay close to the customer.

- We operate honoring the rules and laws of honesty, moral and ethics.
- We give no empty promises; all the promises will be kept.
- We provide our customers all the support needed.

Team Spirit:
- We are committed to our company’s success.
- We will not give up on our objectives; there is a touch of entrepreneurial spirit in all of us.
- We appreciate our work and our perseverance.
- We take care of our personnel’s occupational health and the safety of the working conditions.

Willingness to be of service:
- We serve our customers in a way we want ourselves to be served.
- We always strive for fast service.
- By helping and guiding each other, we guarantee our customers’ success.

- We observe our environment and take advantage of the information when enhancing our products and practices.
- We develop our products paying attention to ecological values and saving natural resources.
- By being inventive and open-minded, we ensure our competitiveness.
- We do not fear for change; we see a chance in every change.


We ensure the uniform growth and profitability by operating in two different sectors; both by manufacturing our SAMI trademark products for agriculture and by operating as system vendor for large customers of technology industry operating in the international market.

We are taking the ecological values into consideration; we develop and manufacture state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and solutions, helping the farms succeed at the same time.

We produce extra value to our customers of technology industry by having a close cooperative relationship with them and improving the competitiveness and sales of their products.

We are the leaders and the most desired partner in cooperation in our field. We constantly develop our practices in all levels of our organization, and are able to do our best in guaranteeing our customers’ success, improving of the shareholders value, and therefore also by ensuring our own future.


SAMI is the most appreciated trademark of our products in selected market areas. Our products stand out from those of the competitors in quality, effectiveness and reliability. In the development of our products, we emphasize saving natural resources.

Globally, we have a close cooperative relationship with our customers, improving the competitiveness and sales of their products. We are one of the most desired partners in cooperation in our field.

We stand out from our competitors in quality, effectiveness and reliability of our practices.

We enhance constantly our systems and develop the know-how of our personnel. Our operating is cost-effective and profitable, which ensures the competitiveness of our company in the future.