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Equipment and spare parts

Wide selection of accessories

Foam marker
- electric compressor mixes together air and marking fluid which form foam in the nozzle.

Electric tilting cylinder of the boom set
- helps the stabilizer to even the boom set to the desired angle in respect of the horizon.

Washing nozzle
- helps keep the tank clean.

Manual sprayer
- excellent for spraying demanding areas, such as between A-shaped piles, where the spreader cannot reach.

Suction device
- convenient for sucking the water to the tank through the pump.

Mechanical lift and stabilizer for the boom set
- Accessories for mechanical boom set

Hydraulic lift and stabilizer for the boom set
- Accessories for mechanical boom set
- operates with tractor’s hydraulics

Filling device for chemicals
- fits into the 1300 lifting device model and into the towable sprayer
- the active ingredient can be added into the tank safely from waist height.
- mixing of the active ingredient intensifies and speeds up.
- the device can be used to rinse empty ingredient canisters.

Rinse tank, 130 litres
- fits for lifting device sprayers
- can be used to rinse the main tank at the field.

Additional tank, 500 litres
- fits for the towable 2300 sprayer
- for conveying clean water, in which case the main tank can be cleaned or filled
- can also be used as a tank for plant protector products

Foam marker  
Tilting cylinder of the boom set  
Washing nozzle and 500 litres additional tank

Filling device for chemicals

Technical data
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