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SAMI Autochopper

The automatic firewood processor

Research and development of nearly four years has developed the traditional log splitter into a modern automatic splitter. Say goodbye to drawbacks, stoppers, hurry and hard physical work. SAMI Autochopper makes log splitting effortless, safe, and efficient!


The SAMI Autochopper is a robust firewood processor, at the forefront of technology, totally automatic, perfect for a demanding professional use. It's equipped with 44 cm (17") chain saw. The beam frame structure gives the machine extra strength. The splitting wedges are made of extremely strong wear-resistant steel. The machine has a wide selection of accessories for a whole line of wood supply, such as automatic feeding tables, a sorter, and conveyors, which enables the machine to work practically all by itself.


When it comes to pricing, the SAMI Autochopper is very competitive, compared to the prices of manually operated machines manufactured for demanding professional use.


Automatic and efficient firewood production for a better cost-effectiveness;

Less wood handling, time and cost saving;

Maximum safety: secured and ergonomic, with no work constraint ;

Efficient manpower: liberation of the operator for other works, like wood loading;

Very easy to use: intuitive interface, customizable, options save,

measure in solid volume, extremely fast learning;

Beautiful, homogenous and regular firewood quality, no loss mode;

Adaptability: one single machine, plenty of options to fit the production of each user.

Warranty : 1 year, or 1000 working hours.


<b>SAMI Autochopper</b><br>in work position
<b>SAMI Autochopper</b><br>in transport position
<b>No physical effort, the operator is liberated for other duties</b>
<b>Autochopper on work yard</b><br>3-Parts Discharge Conveyor attached.
<b>Hydraulic log lifter</b>
<b>Sawing and splitting within the same cycle</b>
<b>Firewood logs are transfered into the splitting sprout.</b><br>It is then splitted automatically while the next log is sawn.
<b>Splitting always in the center</b><br>The splitting wedge aligns itself automatically, according to logs diameters.
<b>Control panel, all the commands are centralised there</b><br>Extra manual hydraulic levers are installed there to control the accessories, like the Discharge Conveyor, the Manual Loading Table or the Log Lifter.
<b>Euroforest 2014, France</b><br>The Autofactory is ready for demonstrations, with oak wood.
<b>Czech Republic</b><br>Installation under shelter in 2014.
<b>Heizen mit Holz 2014, Germany</b><br>The Autochopper with the hydraulic log lifter sawing hard beech.
<b>Diameter</b><br>A neat 40 cm diameter cut. The theoritical max diameter is 44 cm.
<b>Agritechnica 2015, Germany</b><br>Beech sawing!
<b>Sensor technology</b><br>The Autochopper knows everything. It can optimize the cut length on the last wood pieces.
<b>Tractor operated</b><br>40 hp, 540 rpm
<b>Adaptor for sawdust hoover</b><br>here on an electric powered unit, without PTO.
Welcome to the next generation of firewood processors!

Always splitting in the center.

Control panel: you command everything from here.

No physical effort.


The Autochopper includes different work modes, adapted to different wood qualities and production requirements:

Manual Mode

Control the machine with the joystick, process any quality of wood up to 44 cm (17") diameter, control the cut up to 50 cm long (19 1/2"), the split, the log movement on the conveyor.

Semi-Auto Mode

The conveyor moves automatically according to the preset length. Activate the saw and the splitting cylinder with a simple pressure on the joystick. When the joystick is released, the splitting cylinder continues its function, allowing you to proceed with the sawing.

Automatic Mode

All works automatically. The wood is detected on the feed conveyor and processed entirely: sawing, transfer to the splitter, splitting. The auto cut length is set before to push Start, from 14 to 50 cm long (5 1/2" to 19 1/2"). The splitting wedge moves automatically to align itself to the center of the log. When the SAMI Autosorter is connected to the Autochopper, all the selection phase and conveyance are operated automatically. You only need to be around, to monitor everything, with the freedom to do other side jobs (handling wood with tractor, preparing next wood container, etc.).

Nonstop Auto Mode

It works like the Automatic Mode, at the difference that the Autochopper doesn't check the log traffic. The sawing and splitting are automated, log feeding is continuous. This is the optimal mode to deal with small diameter logs.

Double Cut Mode

It works like the Automatic Mode, with the addition of another cut: the Autochopper will saw 2 pieces of wood and transfer them to the splitting together. Ideal for short logs, from 14 to 23 cm (5 1/2" to 9").

Sorter Manual Mode

When the Autochopper is connected to the SAMI Autosorter, you can control the sorter manually with the joystick. That includes every item's control: the Loading Table, the Sorter and the Transfer Conveyor.


Optimization of logs

Optimize your wood. Control your firewood quality. It's mostly the best way to really automatize the production!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

The SAMI Autochopper offers three optimization options for the waste bits of logs. This is a parameter to select on the control panel (see picture above, at the bottom). The optimization is done automatically then (under the Automatic Mode and Double Cut Mode).

When the log's end passes the optical sensors, the optimization starts. The length left is optimized accorded to the selected settings. The three optimization options symboles represent the 3 last pieces of wood passing to the saw (see pictures on the right).

The waste bit is sawed off before the last piece.

E.g. for a preset 30 cm cut, with about 65 cm of wood left, the Autochopper will produce one 30 cm, one 5 cm waste bit, and one final 30 cm.

The waste bit is divided into two and distributed to the two last pieces.

E.g. for a preset 30 cm cut, with about 65 cm of wood left, the Autochopper will produce two 32.5 cm end pieces.

The waste bit is divided into three, but the preset log length will not be exceeded. The three end pieces will be then slightly shorter.

E.g. for a preset 30 cm cut, with about 65 cm of wood left, The Autochopper will produce three 21.7 cm.

Example of the last pieces cut (entered value 30 cm) with the different optimizations: longer logs, 30 cm logs and waste bit, shorter logs. 

The optimization of the last sawings of a log allows the control of the wood transfer to the saw, its holding during the sawing, then its transfer to the splitting channel. It's an essential paramater to the good function of an automatic machine, which has for purpose to have more autonomy and reliability.

Select the most suitable optimation during the wood process, according to the demanded wood quality and the required production flow.