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Pellet hearths

Two models of pellet hearths of different size and adjustable, so a suitable solution for any fireplace insert!


Highly efficient heating, the pellets - wood sawdust granules - are an inexpensive fuel, easy to lit up, burning evenly. Dimensions are adjustable, which also let you adapt the heating performance to every type of fireplace. The hearths are delivered in kit, easy to assemble with bolts.


Large model: width 310 mm, height 150 mm, adjustable length 300-500 mm

Small model: width 250 mm, height 175 mm











For open fireplaces
Or inserts
Or stoves!
SAMI also proposes professional equipments for pellets management: storage silos and conveyors.

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The large model, with different adjustments.

The small model of pellet hearth.

Delivered in kit, including the bolts, with assembly notice on the box.

Place pellets to the hearth evenly. No need too much: pellets are a great source of energy.


Pour a bit of starer fluid on the front. The equivalent of two spoons is enough.

Lit it on with a lighter or a match. The fire will spread within a few minutes.


The fire will burn for 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the amount of pellets and the ventilation, generating a great amount of heat. Add more pellets if you need, only once the previous pellets have totally burnt, in purpose to not cover the ongoing fire, which would make smoke and energy waste.