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SAMI Drum Cleaner

Tested and approved by SAMI, this drum cleaner sort the firewood from its wastes efficiently. The frame is sturdy and stable, its height adjustable, and the conveyors are very reliable. The drum is made of strong steel that is designed to serve for a long time. It can process the very good amount of firewood that comes from the Autochopper, or any other machine of a similar capacity.


The feed conveyor consists in a sliding plate to receive the firewood and forward it into the drum.

The discharge conveyor can be rotated sideways, left and right, as well as up and down. Its length is 2.1 m and its maximal discharge height reaches 3.5 m.


The wastes, sawdust, barks and small splits, are evacuated underneath the drum. There is space for a Big Bag, for example, as well as fittings.


See the Drum Cleaner test video.


Pro Autochopper

<b>SAMI Drum Cleaner</b>
<b>Electric motor and manual rotation of the conveyor</b>
<b>Inside the drum, the steel frame</b>
<b>SAMI Drum Cleaner</b>
<b>SAMI Drum Cleaner</b>
Technical data

Electric motor 0.55 kW, 380 V (EU)

Discharge conveyor rotation left-right, manual operation

Feed conveyor vertical angle adjustable

Discharge conveyor length 2.1 m (82")

Max discharge height 3.5 m (137")

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