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SAMI Layered Silo ø 2310mm

Every layer is made of one element. The wall, the roof and the funnel are made of galvanized steel. The silo can be connected to the SAMI screw conveyor and to the SAMI spiral conveyor. The cyclone at the top of the silo chase the air efficiently, and the dust doesn't accumulate on the roof. An inspection hatch is situated on the wall, right above the funnel, low enough to avoid the use of a ladder.

The delivery includes all the necessary screw and sealing equipment.

The silo can be ordered ready-assembled or you can assemble it yourself.







SAMI Layered Silo is suitable for both forage and pellets !

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Layered silos and
loading pipes

Assembly of the silo

Installed silos

Layered silo Cyclone seen from below Different dimensions
Technical data

Capacity and measures: 

Layers Capacity Height

11,3 m3

5,3 m

15,2 m3

6,2 m

19,1 m3

7,2 m

23,0 m3

8,1 m

26,9 m3

9,0 m


Standard equipment: 

  • cyclone
  • loading pipe
  • manhole and control window
  • adapter equipped with closure

SAMI spiral conveyor fits straight into the silo adapter.



  • wall and roof ladder
  • back bar for the ladder
  • 160mm loading pipes
  • discharge conveyors
  • adjustment angle for the adapter
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