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SAMI Indoor silo 2x2m

Indoor silo for forage and fuel briquettes

SAMI indoor silo is made from hot dip zinc coated steel plate. By the design of the silo, its function as an element of the automated feeding process has been kept in mind. A professional user of silos knows that this sets new requirements, which all the SAMI silo meets. The silos have many details, which regular silos do not have. The SAMI silo is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its leak-proof steel roof. The wide curve of the loading pipe guarantees that the silo can be loaded fast without damaging the forage. Thanks to the abrupt-walled octagonal base funnel, the forage flows well, and is not distributed to the corners of the funnel.

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Indoor forage silo Can be connected to
spiral conveyor systems
with an adapter

Technical data

Capacity and measures: 

Capacity Height

5,6 m3

3,32 m

8,8 m3

4,22 m

12,0 m3

5,12 m

15,1 m3

6,02 m

The roof piping adds 0.46m to the silo height.


Standard equipment: 

  • filter
  • loading pipes
  • discharge hatch with closure


  • conveyor adapter
  • adjustment adapter
  • discharge conveyors
  • additional edges
  • control hatch
  • capacitive level measuring device
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