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Silo funnel and loading pipes

SAMI silo’s funnel and loading pipes

An economical alternative for factory-made silos to situations, when positioning a factory-made silo turns out to be problematic. Perfect solution for do-it-yourself builders.

Includes the funnel, feet’s angle brackets, loading pipe, the spout and the closing trap.

The octagonal funnel ensures excellent flowing of the substance.

SAMI piping elements are easily adjustable as loading pipe system that fits into different facilities and various heights.

The funnel has a closing trap of 350 mm x 350mm and a closure.

SAMI spiral conveyor systems are easily connected to the funnel with an adapter.

Even plywood board is an excellent wall material.

Easy to place.

The silo funnel
and spout
The Funnel Loading pipe
Technical data

Capacity and measures:

  • capacity 1.55m3
  • width 2000mm
  • length 2000mm
  • height 1250mm

Standard equipment:

  •  loading pipes
  • clip plates for the feet
  • closing trap


  • discharge conveyors
  • adjustment adapter 360 / 0-40 degrees
  • various additional parts and pipework
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