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SAMI-Cannon conveyor ø150CB

Drain your silo easily and efficiently!

A complete solution for filling, and also draining silos equipped with the SAMI Funnel Base or Drying Cone Base. The conveyor is fastened to the closing trap of the base funnel with coupling pipe and quick clamps. Thanks to the fast mounting, the conveyor is easy to move and it can be used to drain many silos. Hydraulic or electric motor.


1 and 2 m extensions are available, including couplings and fixations, as well as conveyor's axis and wheels for easy moving and accordion pipe to fit underneath the cone base.

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Technical data

Diameter 150 mm

Basic length 6 m

Max length 12 m

Extensions 1 and 2 m


Inclination Output

40 t/h


25 t/h


SAMI Cannon conveyor ø 150 mm CB, equipped with electric motor

Electric motor 5,5 kW

Belt-driven (4 belts)

Rotation speed 800 r/min


SAMI Cannon conveyor ø 150 mm CB, equipped with hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor 6,5 kW

Rotation speed 800 r/min

Return requirement 40 L/min

Operating pressure 200 bar

Bidirectional control valve

Hydraulic hoses 8 m

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