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SAMI-Cannon conveyor 200mm

Robust SAMI cannon conveyor for loading the silo.

Technical data appear below.
Each conveyor includes screw and funnel as a standard, and it can be delivered without motor on demand.

As options, axis and wheels for the conveyor are proposed, as well as 1,5 and 3 m extensions to add to the 6 m basic length.

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Tires are an option         Measurements

Technical data

Diameter 200 mm

Basic length 6 m

Max length 18 m

Extensions 1,5 and 3 m

Belt-driven (4 belts)


Inclination Output

70 t/h


55 t/h


Motor Max length
5,5 kW 6 m
7,5 kW 9 m
11 kW 12 m
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