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Drying cone-base

A reversed cone as a base, drying plates, high pressure injected air.


SAMI Cone-base for drying silos is robust and totally safe. It has been designed rigorously, taking into account the strengths and harsh conditions in which it will be submitted. The cone is delivered in two halves and assembled on site. A closing shutter ø 160 mm or ø 200 mm can complete the base. The ø 160 shutter suits when the SAMI Cannon Conveyor ø 150 CB is attached; the ø 200 shutter with the SAMI Cannon Conveyor ø 200 CB.

The fixation elements and the screw conveyors are available as accessories for the cone-base. For example, the Cannon Conveyor is definetly suitable, as it can be used for both load and unload the silo.

A cone-based silo can be used in many ways, in autonomy or integrated to other dryers!

Reduces the drying costs significantly.


No maintenance, during the whole life of the silo.


The SAMI Cone Base can be integrated to an already existing silo.


Technical data

Diameter ø 5600 mm

Height 2440 mm

Weight 1600 kg

Volume 15 m3

Cone angle 30°

Bottom hatch ø 250 mm

Assembly with 2 cone halves with nuts and bolts


Manual or automatic control. The equipment is started and stopped automatically.

Sensors measure the air moisture blown and evacuated. When the limit is reached, the equipment is shut off, or more heat is added.

During the fluidization process, approximatively 800 liters of air are injected within the cone-base in one second. Perfect to fight against grain's adhesion!



Easy to install on a new silo, or even on an old one

For a new silo, the equipment is installed first on the concrete foundation. The silo parts are then assembled on.

To complete a preexisting silo, the base elements of the silo are removed. The cone-base is installed (within two weeks at best), and the silo is re-assembled.


Performant drying costs and quick repayment period

The repayment period is 4-5 years generally. The drying costs are about 80 to 90% lower compared to hot air drying.

Hot air optimization

- The grain can be dried for storage, using the extra heat from a hot air dryer, or from an external heater.

- Hot air dryer and drying silo can be combined. Thanks to conveyors, dry grain is added onto the fresher grain into the silo. Grain dries efficiently at the bottom of the silo and is then led to the top fo the silo to alternate the drying. Moreover, the so dried grain's energy spreads to the fresher grain, increasing its drying. Within the same time, dry grain is cooled. Maximal optimisation!



- The silo works as a storage installation, like before.
- The grain can be cooled into the cone-base silo, while the hot air dryer increase its density of 20-25%.