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Drum grader

Grading has never been so easy! Adjustable SAMI drum grader meets the requirements of various needs, and the result is reliable and of excellent quality. SAMI is convenient for grading seed grain, malting barley, pea, turnip rape, and other small seed. Grading capacity is as much as 3000 kg per hour.

The robust frame and the cover lightened with gas strings, and equipped with safety coupling, guarantee that working with the SAMI drum grader is safe. The grader comes with ready-made electrifications, and it is immediately ready to use.


We have at disposal a great selection of sieve screens for every grading situation. Those sieves can be removed and replaced easily into the Drum Grader. They can be stored standing, minimizing the storage space.

Ask us an advice, we will present you a grading solution for every sort of grain.

SAMI Grain



Grader from front  Grader  Grader from front left
Grader from the front, close-up Grader’s sieve plate Feed system
of the grader
Technical data


separating straw + grading in two classes 1000 - 3000 kg/h
separating straw + grading in three classes  500 - 1500 kg/h


Measures and weight 

discharging height

480 - 800 mm


1 960 mm


785 mm


1 780 mm


150 kg

 Standard equipment: 

  • pipeline fittings 4 pcs
  • mixers 4 pcs
  • electric motor 0.18kW (16 A plug)
  • motor starter
  • rubber pads

Standard sieves: 

  • Preliminary sieve, round apertures 12mm
  • Front secondary sieve 2.50 x 20mm
  • Back secondary sieve 3.75 x 20mm
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