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SAMI-Grain silo 7,5 m

SAMI silo has a roof that is consistent with the shape the grain forms when piling up. You do not have to store plain air! SAMI silo is available with two discharge couplings, so the freighter does not need to wait long.

SAMI invests in technique, equipment and details that gain significant cost savings every year.  

Grain silos and equipments


2 grain silos Space optimizing roof angle Grain silo structure: from outside
Grain silo stucture: roof Grain silo structure: roof edge Grain silo structure: cover
Technical data
Capacity and measures of the 7,5m grain silos
4 layers 209 m3 height 6,5 m
5 layers 250 m3 height 7,44 m
6 layers 291 m3 height 8,37 m
7 layers 332 m3 height 9,90 m
8 layers 373 m3 height 10,25 m
9 layers 414 m3 height 11,20 m
10 layers 455 m3 height 12,10 m
11 layers 496 m3 height 13,05


Standard equipment
Roof Wall

- Loading connector

- Wall and roof ladder

- Leak-proof deep-drawn roof hatch

- Wall hatch

- Discharge connector for the screw conveyor

- Plastic cover for the discharge connector

- Rubber gasket for the screw conveyor on the discharge connector

- Grain guiding pipe and quick clamp



Additional discharge connector (for a supplementary screw conveyor)


Loading and discharge screws conveyors (screw and canon conveyors, and more)



The silo supply includes all the necessary bolts and sealing equipment.

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