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Grain silo 9,8 m

Our biggest silo, 9,8 m diameter, designed for the tough conditions experienced in Finland. The wall structure is made of steel. The roof is supported by a separate truss structure, which can handle an important snow cover. The roof angle is 35 degrees, so the grain can pile up naturally and there's no need to store air.

The storage volume can be set between 420 and 840 m3. The silo can also be filled with a cannon conveyor.
The floor is flat, though during the concrete base casting, the discharge chute can be molded: a conduit of 300 mm, angled of 0-10 degrees, is made from the central funnel chute, so a screw conveyor of 200 mm can be placed (see picture below).

Grain silo 9,8 m

<b>Filling from the cannon conveyor</b>
<b>Silo structure</b>
<b>Concrete floor casting</b>
<b>Sturdy steel wall for tough conditions</b>
<b>Our three silos dimensions: 5.5, 7.5 and 9.8 m</b><br>for comparison
Technical data
Capacity and measures of the 7,5m grain silos

5 layers

420 m3

height 8,2 m
6 layers

490 m3

height 9,2 m
7 layers

560 m3

height 10,1 m
8 layers

630 m3

height 11,0 m
9 layers

700 m3

height 12,0 m
10 layers

770 m3

height 12,8 m
11 layers

840 m3

height 13,9 m
Standard equipment
Roof Wall

- Loading connector

- Wall and roof ladder

- Leak-proof deep-drawn roof hatch

- Wall hatch

- Discharge connector for the screw conveyor

- Plastic cover for the discharge connector

- Rubber gasket for the screw conveyor on the discharge connector

- Grain guiding pipe and quick clamp



Additional discharge connector (for a supplementary screw conveyor)

Loading and discharge screws conveyors (screw and canon conveyors, and more)


The silo supply includes all the necessary bolts and sealing equipment.

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