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SAMI horizontal conveyor U 200 mm

The basic length of the conveyor is 5m. The motor power is chosen according to the length of the transportation.

The conveyor can easily be extended with 1- or 2-metre extensions, and the discharge extensions can be located to the desired locations.


Horizontal conveyor The feed spout of the horizontal conveyor The motor of the horizontal conveyor
Technical data

Technical data:

  • u-200 mm
  • belt drive 430 r/min
  • basic length 5m
  • extensions 1 - 2m.

Motors and maximum lengths:

  • 2.2kW max. length 12m
  • 3.0kW max. length 16m
  • 4.0kW max. length 20m
  • 5.5kW max. length 26m

Transport capacity:

  • 0 degrees / 80 t./h. - 15 degrees 70 t/h.
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