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SAMI screw conveyor 100 mm

SAMI screw conveyors have strong heat-galvanized pipes (Ø 100mm and Ø 125mm). Extensions (1m and 2m) are joined together with wide shroud couplings that support the juncture of a long way making it inflexible and leak-proof.

The fine thread screw of the conveyor’s head helps the grain flow into the screw pipe. The mouth of the feed pipe and the surrounding casing makes the conveyor safe for its user. The thrust bearing of the head belongs to standard equipment. In the discharge head, there is a separate modification part for Ø 160mm grain pipes that are connected with quick clamp.   

100mm conveyor is direct-driven; 125mm and 150mm conveyors belt-driven. The motor power is chosen according to the length of the transportation. On request, the conveyors can be delivered without the motor.


Screw conveyor 100mm Head Discharge head:
motor and net
Motors of the screw conveyor
(Screw conveyor 100mm on the right)
Heads of the screw conveyors
(Screw conveyor 100mm on the left)
Head of the screw conveyor
Technical data

Technical data:

  • ø 100mm
  • direct drive 1450 r/min
  • basic length 5.3m
  • extensions 1 and 2m

Motors and maximum lengths:

  • 1.5kW max. length 6.3m
  • 2.2 kW max. length 9.3m
  • 3.0 kW max. length 12.3m

Transport capacity:

  • 0 degrees / 16 t/h - 60 degrees 12 t/h.
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